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Love for the Occult

No,I have never been remotely connected with the occult- no astrologers, no magicians or soothsayers.There is a strange curiosity to explore the unknown.Certain occult sciences have posed a few unanswered questions hence they trigger the mind to ask why this happened .Experiences in general  have been either narrated,through books,hearsay bits or self-experience (very minimal).Rationalists need not quiz or comment.All said and done, none of them,experiences, will hardly endorse my views.But at times it is good to satiate the taste buds of fans of Harry Potter & Vampire series to a marginal extent.However stray experiences have raised question marks ?????????? like soap bubbles which vanish but leave a fragrance.

Moving in Circles...

It was nearing midnight and the train that dropped us late by an hour at Bangalore station, which was reason enough to deal with what followed.The house to be visited was located at BSK-3rd stage,as known to Bangaloreans was a sparsely populated area in the '90s.Some were 'pucca' houses, some old and deserted,some new ones not yet occupied in short the area wore a deserted look.The address looked familiar to the sozzled auto rickshaw driver but he was obviously clueless.When it was nearing midnight everybody likes a confident the fellow went on his jaunty ride zig-zag.In a few minutes we got rid of this man and his vehicle on the main road.Loaded with a heavy bag, our four year old son and my husband who wanted to look literate by reading all Kannada sign boards but right directions were evading us. Mobile phones did not exist then,PCOs were shut and any form of public communication looked remote and disappointing.We just kept walking in circles quite unaware that even after two hours we trudged on a circular path to nowhere.

God appears as a handsome young man...

On and on we walked finally we could locate a house lit up with an unlocked gate.Mustering enough courage I knocked at the door...if I had steel fists I could knock down the door.A smart looking chap awake and energetic,wondering why this young woman is at my door.Imploringly I asked him to guide us to the required address.The clock struck 12,the man pondered and laughed --'Oh this house is just behind my house'.NO- my feet concretised there and refused to move till he left us at the required address.'Okay come along'- and we were led.He reached us there and looked like the world's outstanding Samaritan. My husband thanked him a dozen times along with  our son.I must admit we were under the influence of some 'unknown' spirit.Believe it or not the distance between the main road and the house was only 100 meters and it took us two hours to reach the said house.'Misguided' spirit out to have some fun'

Nashik...'Chakkar' for weird rambling.

Balan,( known to realtives but no more now) was a student of the Army school (1930s) who lived away from the school as a hosteler.Every night he returned after dinner on his bicycle back to the hostel.That night he decided to walk back. He reached that 'bewitched' chakkar and kept moving in circles for a long while till he got fatigued and almost fainted.Don't be amused -he wasn't drunk.Fortunately a passerby noticed his wobbly steps and guided him to the hostel.There Balan narrated his harrowing experience.The hostel and school were located barely ten minutes away from each other. Now why did this happen is question mark which grows bigger each time you think of it or analyse it.

The dreaded 'fat lady'-- number 8

How I dread this number which invariably brings bad news especially death if it is a Tuesday. Don't ask me to enlist the names of those who kicked the bucket. How to arrive at 8   ->
Numerology may sound bunkum. Okay so much for a small dose of the occult if I elaborate more, I may land in an asylum (lunatic). Now you know why I love cities, crowded places and human beings. Get sociable with a purpose or else, spirits are always there to lead you astray.

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