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My Take on Talk or Speak up-44

My Take on Talk or Speak up
Scraping the seeds of a ripe papaya is the most slippery task while cutting the fruit. The seeds look so black like staring eyes that express anger at being ripped off the family clutch. Then slicing the fruit is tougher too, they keep slipping off the fingers as the fruit is in no mood to amuse the eater. All in all the despicable fruit which is offered to patients with less immunity to diseases is comforting and the only redeeming feature being its colour—yellowish orange. A tropical fruit  recommended for  tropical diseases from Malaria to eczema, is a wondrous creation of nature. This fruit was once served to my son recovering from Malaria made me wonder if the disease or the fruit made him reticent.  Did you like it ? I asked him…he replied,‘No’ and stopped there. The reticent nature in him is inherent, like his father but bears no grouse on the fruit. For me, as a teacher who has lectured 40 to 45 minutes at a stretch for years, a monosyllable is like a…