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Love for the Occult

No,I have never been remotely connected with the occult- no astrologers, no magicians or soothsayers.There is a strange curiosity to explore the unknown.Certain occult sciences have posed a few unanswered questions hence they trigger the mind to ask why this happened .Experiences in general  have been either narrated,through books,hearsay bits or self-experience (very minimal).Rationalists need not quiz or comment.All said and done, none of them,experiences, will hardly endorse my views.But at times it is good to satiate the taste buds of fans of Harry Potter & Vampire series to a marginal extent.However stray experiences have raised question marks ?????????? like soap bubbles which vanish but leave a fragrance.

Moving in Circles...

It was nearing midnight and the train that dropped us late by an hour at Bangalore station, which was reason enough to deal with what followed.The house to be visited was located at BSK-3rd stage,as known to Bangaloreans was a sparsely populated area i…

Crows - The Scavenger Breed Yet Domestic

THERE, he sat gawking at that piece of Vada, precariously hanging over the tin sheet,used to shut the trough of fish. The trough had a unique breed of fish just below the stunted mango tree, productive once in two years. Oh - the piece of vada was hurled over by Mansa when she sat there at the crook of the firm branch of the Mango tree.The tree-- A witness to a romantic interlude between him and his consort. Both the crows- Bondhu and Bindu were dedicated to each other, "Where is she?"

She has flown to a different land of lures, lusts and pampering benefactors. Once while crossing the bountiful orchard of Minu, she beckoned him quite flippantly. Bindu was her name. Whenever she could feed her mate she lured him with a mouthful of eats.Now he is sad  and solemnly blinks his eyes as if pretending to look amused or distracted. But have these birds been like soul mates?

The 'vada' kept tottering everytime the wind blew and almost fell into the trough. O what a feast for…

Thanks A Ton

Hi Readers,my virtual and real readers.I know you are reading my blog but hate to admit it. Anyway thank you a ton.It was fun writing these pieces and very naturally I swung into a flashback , quite erratically placed myself in different periods.But I swear by each one of them that the characters mentioned are real and so are all the events.

Memorable ramblings of the mind

My post 26 will begin with happenings and with people I deal or dealt with.Every character I vibe with makes me fortunate enough to believe that the world is made of varied people.Influenced by persons,books, neighbours, politicians,singers,actors and killers (could be a virus, disease or a human being).The only difference would be that my writing will be opined with a sting or two.Why not I am a woman.Moreover it is the 'humanly flawed' persons who make it to the top,I mean my characters.So let me  quack about them.

Angelic Girls

On those girls...They smacked life like a LOLLIPOP---they were Lily, Sicily, So…