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Those pitfalls of piling on people

The festive seasons are the special slots in one's lifetime that stay memorable because they beckon people to mix with their loved ones and the habit grows with you. It should be nipped in the bud. Some call it socializing or 'we still think of you'....on festive occasions.... though you are 'khadoos' (horrible).

One such person I can think of is Rama Lakshmi,  a devoted daughter of a bureaucrat who longed to stay away from her parents on weekends was a festive occasion for her. What a frightful suggestion from a young lady and spinster. That's ok. She was sprightly, witty, could dance and sing like all youngsters. Promptly on Mondays she will tell you what she did or how revelling the weekend was, no revealing. Begins with no blushing..." Oh you know Bharat ?" the names of her male friends - their eating  and drinking habits will make you admire a walking encyclopaedia. Nothing comes out of it but she is munching your grilled sandwich...piling on yo…