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Cacophony trickles to silence-43

( Do post comments to Cacophony ....  of electioneering should have the power to rattle,  then glide to sanity and ponder in silence. In Delhi after an expectant eight-month wait, a hectic period of electioneering followed all that unwanted and wanted noise that melted down to fine tuning and one voice emerged…AAP. That is poetic justice. Recalling a month that went by that was laden with apprehension about who would win the Delhi elections? Many kept ruminating like cattle, or forecasting that the party at the Centre will rule Delhi. Or pleasant longings and wishful thinking made an inactive Congress feel optimistic but the bristling Broom which kept feeling the city’s pulse reached the finishing line triumphant, puffing and panting to a thumping majority …. AAP win. They won and once again if etiquette permits, the Mango Man Party came out in flying colours to the dismay of a few who detest the term AAP, still walk with noses pointing to the sky. Yeah the ‘common ma…