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Prism of Summers

Although I wished well for all a joyful, warm summer, powers of nature or destiny decided to give me a spoonful of bitter summer lessons.
Excess heat - despondent moodTechnical glitches in the distribution of water in our building, that lasted for 3 weeksEntertaining some outstation guests in the heat of summer, who generally mix summer with travel (means, I /you are not in their list of fun) A family marriage – enjoyable but exhausting especially amidst strangers where you smile and mop sweat on the face alternately. The entire period of 8 weeks was filled with anxiety, action and reactions for a young athlete. Imagine stretching your stamina level at my age. Occasionally I looked towards heavens for respite and savour a cool whiff of air.
Those summer vacations….
This refers to those vacations one longed for during schooldays. The mandatory vacation down south to visit relatives. All vehicles of transport were a challenge but we enjoyed in the midst of …