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Reflecting over the fortnight

Capital City
The second fortnight of January was wrought with many developments, the most striking being the suspense of picking the right candidates for Delhi elections by the political parties. We seem to have a respectable lot but propaganda rings through every Delhiite’s mind whether any candidate can ever deliver. After all, quite well known outside Delhi that Delhi is a land of ‘thugs’ but now we can hopefully lay that to rest. Two Magsaysay awardees do make us feel proud.
In the midst of all this we are also on guard for the Republic Day to be witnessed by no less a guest, a world leader, the US president. Of course do not fret over the fact that the President cannot sit with a national leader for more than twenty minutes - the protocol says so. The lax Indian will manipulate but will not let down President Obama.
Coming to the world of literature, very reluctantly the cream of  Delhi’s elite literary crowd, kept whispering about the Tamil (was in ‘purdah’ but now in th…

Flippant indulgences

Flippant indulgences
A very Happy New Year -2015 to all my readers.
At the outset I must mention about the political turnabout in Srilankan elections, Paris shootout at a media house, a pathetic but partially successful outcome as France apprehends future attacks. And the not- so- surprising an utterance from Sakshi Maharaj (India)---Hum do hamare chaar. Oh how I wish I was newly married and soon conceive twins in the first year then again a pair of twins next year. Wishful thinking, but age not being on my side I do wish many youngsters will think about it. A serious issue in Japan today where the birth rate is falling below par.
 According to the Hindu scriptures if a man wishes to opt for Sanyasa yoga it is not wrong -but if he has gone through Grihaprastha yoga then a convenient escape from domestic responsibilities paves way to take up sanyas is a point to be noted.Once the man attains a self-imposed status in life whereby he dedicates himself to God then he loses all rights to spea…