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Distractions can be hilarious and less disruptive

My role in life today is to be an ideal ‘valeti’( the female of valet) to the members of my family in varying degrees. An inevitable exercise that I religiously and rigorously follow, not that I am exactly indispensable but for the family but I am inevitable. Forget the members and their eccentricities, the duties revolving around them makes me feel celestial, a satellite just revolving with no evolution. I must admit, the loosening of muscles and the fatigue that comes as bonus after dispensing my duties are a boon.By the way there is no term as valeti in any dictionary.
Domestic Skulduggery
Drudgery can be boring if you don’t involve the special skills of SDY- skulduggery.If your culinary skills have to be appreciated add some cloves of garlic and soup mix with a dash of ‘garam masala’, sweet cumin seeds  and Lo….the dish will give an exotic taste……..The wah-wah comes slow and steady. Not at this age one craves for compliments. In that respect I am not a woman, a trait that is ingrain…