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Distractions can be hilarious and less disruptive

My role in life today is to be an ideal ‘valeti’( the female of valet) to the members of my family in varying degrees. An inevitable exercise that I religiously and rigorously follow, not that I am exactly indispensable but for the family but I am inevitable. Forget the members and their eccentricities, the duties revolving around them makes me feel celestial, a satellite just revolving with no evolution. I must admit, the loosening of muscles and the fatigue that comes as bonus after dispensing my duties are a boon.By the way there is no term as valeti in any dictionary.

Domestic Skulduggery

Drudgery can be boring if you don’t involve the special skills of SDY- skulduggery.If your culinary skills have to be appreciated add some cloves of garlic and soup mix with a dash of ‘garam masala’, sweet cumin seeds  and Lo….the dish will give an exotic taste……..The wah-wah comes slow and steady. Not at this age one craves for compliments. In that respect I am not a woman, a trait that is ingrained (means not expecting compliments) so I have evolved to be an unambitious creature. All the same I love to nurture the ambition in my students to excel in all activities and make sure the compliments come regularly and steadily. No I am not a cook as my tutelage does not extend to the manufacturing of exotic dishes. If  culinary art can be compared to a game of football, my legs (feet) would be ever ready to kick on a regular basis. Goal or no goal, who cares?

Distractions through TV, Newspaper and Social Media

The order keeps changing, not that any of these offer intellectual manna. But to be glued to them is to be sane and can keep you well connected with your inmates (relatives) that is the motto. Not that I bear any grudge with the inmates. However, adhering each one can be , God gives that intrinsic quality to adapt. I do keep remembering one of the famous books of Chaucer – his Prologue to the Canterbury Tales. The prologue is an eye-opener and is a must for not only literature students but all students who fan out into the world as adults. Acquiring the age of 18 has its own splendour and glamour, so the Prologue, though based in the 14th century gives a clear insight into human nature. Chaucer initially does sound chauvinistic but the Inn that accommodates the pilgrims is a must-read. Many would repel at this suggestion as it is trilingual in script so a hard nut to crack (English, French and Latin). Obviously the Anglo-Saxon influence on its waning path stood good for the English language. More details later. I have no intention to distract.

Home-maker or house-keeper?

The latter sounds more lucrative. Because one at least gets paid a salary or tips to be on your feet, day in and day out. Does that mean the former has no likes, passions or desires of her own? The call towards duty makes one feel so obliged to the inmates that shirking responsibility is taboo. Why not embark on some outdoor activities – playing football (?) not with a weak ankle. Jogging at twilight to display one’s newly stitched salwar-kameez (plural). I feel twilight invites only vampires. Don’t do it. Vampires do not feast on anaemic women. Okay, satsang (she ‘sat’ and ‘sang’ with other women). Not a good proposition to think about Krishna and gossip away to glory. Yoga? Not with a spurt in blood pressure handed over as legacy by parents. Shopping? Not a very congenial activity because one is always ‘shopped for’ by parents (no longer alive). Aunts or sisters etc. Quite lucky that way. Roaming around in lanes and bylanes and malls makes one look like a hungry fox – drooling, staring with a pasted smile.

What activity do you enjoy?

Reading select books and not to show off by reading and re-reading some thriller, murder mystery or romantic novel. Books on psychology, law-related novels (John Grisham), autobiographies of dead persons are enjoyed. If they are alive then they become biographies. After the person dies, one can curtail or add critical notes lavishly about the person. Books on science hardly fascinate me except neurology. Maybe going berserk. Enough, must not praise one’s own tail if it is placed above your neck. Did not want to hurt Chaucer or youngsters who don’t enjoy literature but men of letters do have this peculiar knack of reading minds of individuals as an obsessive hobby.

On a parting note I cannot forget to mention the recent landslide victory for BJP and Mr Narendra Modi who swept the nation’s fortunes with a thumping majority at the ballot. High hopes at all ends to welcome development as if we were stagnant so far. The need for a change arose from that inner urge of the polity to do away with corruption and if the BJP cannot weed out corruption gradually I will certainly train my voice to yell from roof tops about their incompetence.  So long, see you when I have more anecdotes or experiences to narrate.  I am on a short holiday from being a Valeti.
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