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The #MeToo Factor


The #MeToo factor is gaining pace in India. The fairer sex is getting a fair deal with timely punishment of perpetrators.

No more fairness cream or fair wages or alimony or striking a revenge for rape or even consensual sex. Sometimes marital rape also endorses views of ‘spouse’ torture, don’t ask me male or female spouse. All sexual transgressions are claiming headlines these days and now who is sex crazy the news giver? the victim or those middle aged/old men craving for news on sex? 

Whether it is a transgression of Human Rights on an infant, toddler, school girl, teenager or a sixty year old, Wow! all are making news.

Are we a sex-starved nation?

After the Harvey storm that ravaged the American coasts another Harvey Weinstein erupted like a Monster in Hollywood. Why he gave a new dimension to the casting couch.
Victims – all old and ravaged! Ladies of all sizes, age and talents spoke of a ‘cruel’ man who must now go for rehabilitation for having encroached private space. These were female stars waiting for a break. Now in the olden days ‘break’ meant a split. Today it sounds like dawn or day break to stardom. When was the sun less brighter than a twinkling star. In the present context the star refers to a bundle of talent breaking at the seams and all ready to spend a night with a Movie ‘Mogol’ who will help you shine on the screen.
In India – it is different

Here we have small stars making their presence felt anywhere with or without a casting couch. So much so that the perpetrators are politicians as well. Quite a murky picture though!

Flash Back!

Remember a brave colleague who switched to travel (to and fro office) by bus, because of the hot sultry climate and a bloated tummy (she was pregnant),last two months.
A – The victim
B – An ‘old’ perpetrator… means aged.
A enjoyed her bus rides till one dark day, I mean hot sultry day B- an old (around 50) office goer takes the bus from Pydhonie to Metro cinema, the same bus, the same seat. B-preferred to sit behind A – the pregnant woman who was attired in a convenient sleeveless attire.
B – positions himself behind the woman, slips his ‘naughty’ fingers from behind into the lady’s dress.

Two days she tolerated by wriggling in her seat with frowns, third day she wields an open BIG safety pin to position near the sleeve to attack the attacker.

Yes!! It worked, he got pricked and sounded an “ouch”, mumbling a few abuses “Grrrr” left the bus before his usual stop. He disappeared after that day. Such is the way to deal with #MeToo troubles.

Bare your weapon and attack. DO NOT BEAR it all.

This episode is real that took place years ago but women who knew how to tackle men and will not speak of flirts or loose men.


Girls who turn victims must not rush to those crazy listeners, the media, the story will be swinging from one angle to the other incongruent angle and the victim will be left high and dry.
They, the eager ears, supply the right matter for a story but never get the right kind of nemesis for the perpetrator.

Other Areas of Trade

The #MeToo factor can extend to other areas of Trade like business & politics, business of politics, business of banking, business of real estate, business of medicine, business of law, etc.

My projections in the repertoire of shady businesses extend far and wide. They cross countries (continents), cross seas and oceans. But the moves are stealthy and always ever adventurous in network.

Some of our Hollywood productions have provided insight from Perry Mason, James Bond, Pirates in celluloid and of course, an extra-terrestrial advance to different planets and creatures to stretch imagination beyond (Gum-in-the-mouth). That is Star Wars and man has the gumption to call it sci-fiction. 

More mellow in tone are the illusionists, mastering the theory of hoodwinking common sense. Not yet business in tone but may tread on unknown paths of thought. Thus throw the dice into the realm of Virtuality. Prophecy of thinking beyond the limited scope, called Artificial Intelligence. A game for brain teasing to loosen the shackles of wisdom, another madness to reckon with. Not far are days when the #MeToo factor multiplies to #WeToo. A conglomerate in crime! More the Merrier!


As we wait for the Grand Finale….Results of the Gujarat Assembly elections on a cold weekend with trembling fingers and parched lips for juicy news despite “the evident” to be the outcome. Yet my fingers are crossed for the better leader to win! 


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