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Do you agree – Women should be seen and not heard?

Detective Mania ! Nipped in the bud
The recent slingshots to nail the controversy about Bill Cosby and his romps with women seems to be dated almost two decades ago when women preferred to bury the shame under the carpet. I am neither a fan of this stand-up comedian nor a die-hard feminist but  when  humour reaches sublimation and the best outlet for some men is to try a hand at molestation. Since women who like ---men with a good sense of humour— is rare, soon the devil enters the man’s head and he leaps at his most vulnerable target. This controversy is getting sloppy as B.C.’s shows are being cancelled in the US. Such a controversy happened in India when the boss of a leading publishing house was caught on CCTV, so-called misbehaving with a colleague, which backfired on him and the man landed behind bars. Today he is out of jail but the case is not yet solved. How do people view such characters? Yes, through tinted glasses, but the tint gets darker if you are closer (in proximity) to…