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Cronyism sucks….blood & sweat are invaluable.

Cronyism or nepotism are words which hardly cross my mind and no wonder I’m a stuck here. But better off without favours. Those who indulge in these acts wield an air of authority along with weapons that range from a kitchen knife to flesh…. I mean human flesh. The arms used are many but users are stealthy, skip normal work-schedules, travel at the drop of a hat, indulge in petty thefts, hang around anywhere, adopt part-time professions like errand boys, chauffeurs, bar tenders, bar dancers etc.  Now do not look exasperated… but they do get high-handed when on the job. Business runs on these lines/modes so that the venturer (victim) does not get trapped, then begins the vicious circle. Generally they act on word-of–mouth. They hop, trudge, somersault or fly depending on the urgency. The moment they track the victim they are vile, indulgent, offer promissory notes that are vital to the giver and taker. Have you seen a budding ‘crime’ operator skilfully getting his job done?  He possesse…