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Cronyism sucks….blood & sweat are invaluable.

Cronyism or nepotism are words which hardly cross my mind and no wonder I’m a stuck here. But better off without favours. Those who indulge in these acts wield an air of authority along with weapons that range from a kitchen knife to flesh…. I mean human flesh. The arms used are many but users are stealthy, skip normal work-schedules, travel at the drop of a hat, indulge in petty thefts, hang around anywhere, adopt part-time professions like errand boys, chauffeurs, bar tenders, bar dancers etc.  Now do not look exasperated… but they do get high-handed when on the job. Business runs on these lines/modes so that the venturer (victim) does not get trapped, then begins the vicious circle. Generally they act on word-of–mouth. They hop, trudge, somersault or fly depending on the urgency. The moment they track the victim they are vile, indulgent, offer promissory notes that are vital to the giver and taker.
Have you seen a budding ‘crime’ operator skilfully getting his job done?  He possesses a half-torn currency note , leaves on an adventurous journey to get his accomplice who will also possess  the other half of the note. Well, the job is done and eventually follows a string of events but somewhere an innocent victim is hooked.
In common parlance it is called ‘underhand’ dealing, under-the-table deal, under-cut deal and so on. We stressed the word ‘under’  which conveniently became ‘Andhar ki baat’. The crux being, when a few persons want benefits within their orbit, they disburse the operation not knowing where it will begin and end. The deals get orbit-worthy. The tools adopted vary from written notes to typed letters or emails or phone calls etc;  by the way…..phones have moved on to smart phones or ultra smart phones,  all are allies.

The quota compulsion

The head of this orbit-worthy operation limits himself  to one group and thereby tries to decimate a rival group, so such deals are mandatory. To speak of it in a larger context we have Panchayats (village heads & gang) or ‘Biradri’( blood brother gangs ) and not to forget ‘patent- mannerisms’  based on caste, creed or region which helps in segregating groups.  Sometimes some groups are segregated on being economically backward due to lack of opportunities that befall them, thus they are hardly noticed in the tribe of humans (which is rare these days), so this gives rise to the ‘quota’ awareness which is recognised as a statute for the government to notice them and give them a rightful place in society.  A rightful sin helps to standout and claim status.
So man has accomplished a lot through marginalism in our country and will be successful to gain a few groups to distinguish himself as a separate specimen depending on his profession. He is spread out on this part of the earth from a land-tiller to a warrior to a ruler/politician, common man,  etc.  A scholar illumines in his field (arena) selecting subjects from finance to astrology to astronomy to poultry farming to brewery business (brewing ’decadent’ matter ) also called family business or better still by  becoming a scholarly hermit/preacher who cannot be defied or defined. Yes, we need all of them, you know we must differentiate ourselves from cattle.
We have diversified so much that when asked to discern any group, wisely, which we are so poor at, we are prone to bite our tongues. Then comes the snag, we are incompetent in selecting a leader (we need one).  Have we a choice? Electorate - imposing a cattle driven mentality to choose a leader. No I do not recommend any leader or coach. So much so, today we are divided into two distinct groups - the secular and the non-secular, that includes the God-fearing ones (only non-secular Hindus). The other minor and fairly large groups are secular but watch with jaundiced eyes especially if told to prefer saffron.

The ‘K’ episode

Firstly why did this ‘K’ factor emerge ? That too on the political scene? Are we running short of leaders or good leaders? This is just trouble brewing for the ruling party. A teaser? A warning? A deliberate move to help the present government tread on the path of the previous government and who is also dragged to the slaughter house ? The recent controversy of a student leader who shot to fame as he perceived social problems from a different angle  and felt the present government to be autocratic. His views courted a small percentage of supporters. A heavy hand rained on the group that dispersed like dust. The stage was set at a globally recognised  University, the JNU. A lesson on students becoming  philosophers.  Aren’t they growing a bit faster than their age? Did we all not know that Bihar has been the poorest state and will remain so? Enough fodder to help politicians  play the caste card via an impoverished population.
The people of Bihar must wake up, get distinguished and not play pawn to politicians. Stop migrating, create and manage wealth within the state with head held high and draw wealth not like a mendicant but like a rightful citizen. An under-dog attitude invites only sympathy that will complement the ever-needy people with cheap labour which will not be beneficial to the state’s assets.

 Foot note

Was it right for a dear father to sing the National Anthem at the end of the day for his daughters? After Dinner? They being my sister and I , we loved it as he sang well but softly as bed time approached. Except once when  my sister already asleep,on hearing the Anthem stood up with half open eyes, presumed she was in school . 


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