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Interior decor for different rooms

      Chandeliers no longer a living room luxury

While chandeliers certainly upgrade the quality of lighting in a living room, There may be a drab and dull corner that can add up to the elegant quotient with a mini chandelier to enliven the room. The brass based ones in cup shapes  are suitable for the living room and the dining hall.

Despite all the modern day developments in lighting technology with fluorescent tubes and CFLs, the allure of a chandelier is unmatched and that is why the rich and famous prefer chandeliers in their homes. They have the unique style and classical touch to charm the people living in and those visiting these tasteful homes. So whatever be one’s budget, there are chandeliers to fit every pocket size.  The awe of grandeur and luxury tags  are attached to chandeliers even today, there are affordable options.

 Some rooms which may not require the chandeliers for instance, the children’s study room should have bright lights but not too brilliant lighting that it hurts the eyes when one is seriously immersed in study. But if the study room can be equipped with a couple of decorative table lamps on two tables  will suffice the “bright” factor. In other words if the room is big enough a chandelier with tiny bulbs hanging in the centre will tone down the excess light.

The dining room lights
The question of providing bright lights in the dining area can augment the taste buds too especially if it is a  birthday party or a get together for children. If your guests are adults a quiet evening should encourage some mellow lighting around the dining hall but a bright chandelier just above the dining table can just look apt and romantic.

Reception area need not be resplendent

The elegantly designed house does evoke an awe and pleasant shock if the reception area is well lined with tiny flower pots decorated with tiny bulbs. Sometimes the portico is the reception area so the best decor should be a medium sized chandelier to bring out a classy entrance.
French rock crystal pendants, drops or rosettes have become a popular choice for luxury items in the chandelier segment.
The general concept of a chandelier is chiseled glass hung in a floral pattern with glass droplets of various sizes that hang from a metallic holder in the ceiling. At times the pattern is coloured for a particular ambience whereby designs float in the opted colour  on the surrounding walls. If the walls are not painted well or mismatch with the shade that emanates from the chandelier then the choice of colour is wrong. The quality of glass and the chiseled glass also count to give an overall decorous effect.
All said and done right choice and maintenance  for huge chandeliers  are tedious for the customer. The buyer who goes for shell or plastic pendants are those who are convinced for short term benefits. Go for glass but the right quality of glass to add a touch of class.
Let us look at some of the different types of chandeliers for use in various living spaces in the house:


This space is an extra projection for the living room but very impressive an area for every flat in a building with multi-storeys. So do we resort to sprucing up a space that is less cared for. Why not? A small chandelier that will light up the space  with spirits that go with positive minds. A spiritual message on the walls that guard the lobby but a chandelier says it all, a full bloom welcome, as if guests are an embodiment of God when they enter the house.


Some might think that chandeliers are not frequently used in the bedroom but many have now taken to the usage in a big way. A well-chosen chandelier for the bedroom will add to the elegance, add to softening the atmosphere and make the space feel more inviting.
If there is sufficient space, one could consider adding a seating area in the bedroom where one may love to curl up with a book just before going to bed. A simple decor chandelier would add sparkle to the room and if the light is dimmed, would not disturb others.
Some discerning clients also want a unique charm for the bedroom space and here is where one has to pick and choose from a wide variety available in the market. Depending on the wall paint and colouring patterns on the walls, an appropriate chandelier needs to be chosen  otherwise it would be out of sync and lose the mellow ambience.

Since bedrooms are for rest and relaxation one can choose fabrics, colours and textures to embody this and  single bright and large chandelier for the master bedroom would seem apt.

Dining room

Soothing, yet bright coloured chandeliers for the dining room are the logical choice for the dining room. If the dining table has more than six chairs, then a small chandelier on each end nestled on a small side table would look chic. This of course, also depends on the size of the dining room. An overhead chandelier matching the wall paint and colouring effects would certainly look magical.

Children’s room

Ideally, children’s rooms especially of those attending school in the pre-primary or primary level Decorative lamps can be fixed on walls that carry life-size pictures or wall hangings of cartoon characters. Usually curtains complete the picture in bright colours . A chandelier gives a magnificent look to the room even if it is small in size, may be the pendants could be  in plastic pieces of cartoon characters that rotate or swing with a jingle.
So, time spent on deciding on how and where to put the chandeliers is time that is well spent. It is a strong design statement of its own. Overhead pendant lights, stylish table lamps and large standing lights suspended at the corner of rooms are just a few examples. Placing chandeliers in the right spot or right angle which needs to be looked up to by the buyer and admirer.

( The above two posts on decor are filler items till I rack my brain for more subjective topics .Read them, digest them & comment if you must.Not that I care but will appreciate if the comment is in words not your thoughts they can be magnetic for me)

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