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Reflecting over the fortnight

Capital City

The second fortnight of January was wrought with many developments, the most striking being the suspense of picking the right candidates for Delhi elections by the political parties. We seem to have a respectable lot but propaganda rings through every Delhiite’s mind whether any candidate can ever deliver. After all, quite well known outside Delhi that Delhi is a land of ‘thugs’ but now we can hopefully lay that to rest. Two Magsaysay awardees do make us feel proud.

In the midst of all this we are also on guard for the Republic Day to be witnessed by no less a guest, a world leader, the US president. Of course do not fret over the fact that the President cannot sit with a national leader for more than twenty minutes - the protocol says so. The lax Indian will manipulate but will not let down President Obama.


Coming to the world of literature, very reluctantly the cream of  Delhi’s elite literary crowd, kept whispering about the Tamil (was in ‘purdah’ but now in the doldrums) novelist---- was acknowledgeable ? They could go on and on during Litfests about Salman Rushdie, Taslima Nasreen, V.S. Naipaul but not Perumal Murugan….? Though a few reading sessions from the book ‘nondescript’ -  I mean the sessions - did take place. Wonder how many know or would quizzically look at the fact that a D.H. Lawrence novel has been banned in American Universities. Do we know the Kongu region or an upscale City Club? Both are on the same pedestal? Huh!? Disgust!

 Dead & left to disintegrate ?

Another piece of news that baffled every Indian in the north was about a pile of half-cremated corpses floating and flowing down the Ganga. This firstly needs purification of thoughts. Today a muddled mind soiled with killing, terror and sex leads us nowhere to seek redress, coupled with pathetic addressing from the administration.
Many an incident to name and begs for attention. The only way to tug at the conscience is to act right and firm and show zero tolerance to wayward behavior. Stab your ego and for once live like a human.

Obama’s SOTU address precedes Davos meet

The American SOTU address, an annual routine speech that reflects the President's mental framework for law makers and that he will not flinch from his duties thus demanding loyalty.

When the US contributes one-third of its resources to the world economy why worry about the superior status it enjoys at the world summit? Those passing statements on saving the green economy or stalling terror with arms disbursal, taxing the rich to narrow deficit, the EU making a poor show at the summit etc.  add up more woes to the Asian nations. Global warming and erratic climate changes, political problems relating to a staggering economy, terror attacks that are kept muffled heightens the crime rate within Asian nations are hardly noticed by the so-called moneyed heavy-weights. OMG six lines for Obama?

Those irking ads on the cell...can make you deaf

Are you annoyed with those terrible ads you get on your mobile? Never mind you have to live with it. From Real estate to Spas all in a row, these are ok but the most annoying ones are from travel agents who want me to visit Dubai, Singapore, Europe and the Andamans… all four unlikely, that too during the Republic Day weekend , how unpatriotic! Do I look like a trouble-maker or am I bitten by the travel bug.

A friend suggested that I should insert a DND request to the mobile company….What? What happens to all those alerts from banks that keep reminding me that  ' bank loans will keep you afloat' , those insurance firms who keep nudging you every six months. I feel elated then that I am considered precious. Of late some disease naming doctor keeps bothering me to know if I am healthy, Oh yes, thank you! A terrible bouncer from a supermarket advertising  to shop at midnight for 50% discount- for what? Shopping? Yeah I may need a walking stick to walk around at midnight. Height of imagination or the supermarket people think I am suffering from insomnia. No, my sleep schedule is alright.

Tomorrow is another day….but if somebody cares two hoots for you, you should care four. Watch this space for more spice about politics and its serpentine path.
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