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Thanks A Ton

Hi Readers,my virtual and real readers.I know you are reading my blog but hate to admit it. Anyway thank you a ton.It was fun writing these pieces and very naturally I swung into a flashback , quite erratically placed myself in different periods.But I swear by each one of them that the characters mentioned are real and so are all the events.

Memorable ramblings of the mind

My post 26 will begin with happenings and with people I deal or dealt with.Every character I vibe with makes me fortunate enough to believe that the world is made of varied people.Influenced by persons,books, neighbours, politicians,singers,actors and killers (could be a virus, disease or a human being).The only difference would be that my writing will be opined with a sting or two.Why not I am a woman.Moreover it is the 'humanly flawed' persons who make it to the top,I mean my characters.So let me  quack about them.

Angelic Girls

On those girls...They smacked life like a LOLLIPOP---they were Lily, Sicily, Solly, Lizzy,Dolly and so on.They were chirpy, giggly and hard working.They all worked in different hospitals as nurses or as lab technicians. Yes and they were tenants in the neighbouring flat (Mumbai). Sunday,a day of no work but these girls worked the hardest. Washing, tidying rooms, elaborate cooking, visiting PCOs to make long distance calls to Kerala. In the evening they dressed impeccably to visit the nearby church.They looked like a bunch of multi-coloured flowers.Then flowers attract bees of course in the form of male friends, at times cousins who visited these girls and left after dinner.Then came a dark cloud in another flat where the daughter Beaula, disapproved of a matrimonial match set by her parents. Beaula consumed poison and blanked out in the bathroom.These lovely girls took a day off,  gave the fainted girl an antidote and waited for Beaula to revive. All this to avoid a police case. Needless to say Beaula was saved and later married the same boy as wished by her parents.

Obsessed with male kids?

The old adage "a male is required to propagate the human species" is religiously followed in India. I do worry about those countless street ragamuffins who are children with no parents to be proud of and vice-versa.Well in a civilised world these street children have bloomed on this earth for no fault of theirs.Kavita ( classmate of my son ) is the eldest of her siblings, the first three being girls brought revelation to the father. However, the sweet doting mother was willing to oblige him another risk (?).After a few preliminary tests and a few visits to reputed gynaecs the mother presents a set of twins to the expectant (?) father. Backed and blessed by destiny, one of the twins was a male child.Believe it or not  the girls till date are semi-literate and the boy child is a medical student (Lots of donation for greasing palms). Can you notice the partisan attitude?Such families do deserve a mention in the secret annals of gynaecs.

Vimal's supreme sacrifice

This soft-spoken woman, an ex-colleague,was so happy with a single female child, the family was a perfect symbol of contentment.Today the family is happier.One day she resigned her job and pops up a year later for a brief reunion with us -colleagues. Vimal had left to become a surrogate mother for a friend who could not conceive.Such a sacrifice is laudable and memorable.

A Nobler Example

Ramesh was in his mid-thirties who did not intend to marry the way his parents planned. He married a woman who was disowned by an alcoholic husband (could be mutual). She had two children, whom Ramesh treats as his own. They also are happy to tread the path of family life without stares, jeers or harsh words.

Life has drawn me to such unique cases of matrimony, children and sacrifice. Can something be ingested for a soul search among my readers. If Life has 360 angles I have seen at least half of them. 


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