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Miscarriage of Justice - Redefining Jugaad

Terms like miscarriage, hijack, usurp, coup, negligence, have turned out to be common parlance in our society today. The terms that lend credence to civilised human existence have found forays to enter openly yet clandestinely.

Not many days ago, a 7-year old child had to face death for a disease that could be cured in a week. The icing of the bad news was an administrative gaffe on the medical bill presented to the bereaved parents – a hefty bill of Rs 18 lakhs – a miscarriage of justice, or the result of avarice and medical negligence and worse in a country which has no proper medical care and ranks very low in the quality of life index.

Yet another instance of miscarriage of justice. Despite an Indian being re-elected to the esteemed seat of ‘justice’ internationally, a global terrorist leaves prison free to be a civilian – Hafeez Saeed.

Mumbai Terror Target

The man who solely masterminded the 26/11 attack on one of Mumbai’s posh and iconic hotels is treated as commoner by our not-so-trustworthy neighbour.
Hafeez Saeed is supposed to have lost dozens of relatives en route to Lahore during partition, six decades ago. He sought revenge in conducting multiple strikes on India and lean on this grudge with religion to support.

Besides killing dozens of innocent citizens, the global terrorist also claims to be a mentor to JuD and LeT (terror outfits). Do we masquerade such despicable characters on the front pages of our newspapers and websites? Are we taking steps forward or backwards to bring politics and justice on the right track.

In the same breath, we speak of missile technology, cyber security and accessibility to clean environment. Are we floating on the same muddled waters on a new wavelength?
Justice even if delayed should be just. No backdoor politics for crooks and idle scamsters who have always been served their broth on a gold platter.

The common man is not so stupid as not to notice a ‘black’  economy that is being steered by black marketers. The shallowness of a parallel economy is becoming evident.

The splurge of ill-gotten wealth disbursed to institutions, persons and projects which may not bring a glimmer of hope for the honest tax-payer.

Jugaad – if illegal, can be legal?!

A new mode of transport in rural Rajasthan for vehicular commute is called ‘Jugaad’. This is a locally assembled vehicle, looks ugly on the exterior, prone to accidents if the driver is reckless. After a 2010 mishap and settling compensation to accident victims, this vehicle is a legal option. So miscarriage of justice can be termed here as carriage of justice.

If in Rajasthan and you opt for a ‘Jugaad’ vehicle, keep fingers crossed and pray for a cool driver. Smile!

On that count we can look forward to any such ‘Jugaad’ methods to get going with life and all will be okay if the Judiciary nods ‘yes’ to your venture. You know where the load lies and so miscarriage can be a best bet for carriage of justice.

PS: Rule out hardcore criminals and crimes with no solution for years to come.


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