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When confidence brims over…..

One doesn’t have to belong to a school of elegance and finesse to standout in society, not that we, the less fortunate, who didn’t attend such a school, lack them, lack these qualities. When women walk out of that realm of grace, they apparently tend to defy some established norms, laws or traditions in society.

Exemplary behaviour is spontaneous , does not evoke rebellion, may at times attract rebellion in spurts and thus  becomes memorable.  My recent exposure to women of all ages and flavors (?), keeps the insides of my tummy churning to warn myself, dissuade a few , adorned with resentful acts or their statements uttered in defiance . We know you are  there. Sheer unabashedness !
Being a hindu by birth, not a fanatic, some aspects of my religion have been ingrained or taught for self evolution .When young ,  as  school students, visiting a chapel, daily, without any distaste , we solemnly entered the chapel. We knelt and prayed after making the sign of the cross. We acknowledged the deity in front of us, Jesus, a portrait that induced piety so we did pray fervently.

In the evening hours , we were instructed to light an oil lamp before an array of gods and goddesses, that didn’t perplex us, we siblings, prayed in a language that was initially incomprehensible but later when explained,  the meaning of the prayers by parents, we did memorise them. The practice turned into a habit that has lasted till date. Never were we taught to barge into the sanctum sanctorum of any temple.

Indian Summer----time for Circus

Some overtly obvious electioneering in five states Assam , West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Puducherry  was a fitting tribute to mob mentality .The mood  certainly is contagious even  if you do not support any political party. To add to the mood were the primaries vying for attention in the US. All this adds to the general pulse rates of the concerned. Are we short of original sources of joy?
  •  The visit of  the WillKat duo of the British Royal Family  who posed for the shutter bugs as lovey- dovey as a couple can look from The Taj Hotel , Mumbai to The Taj Mahal of Agra. The Royal touch was missing.
  • Panama Papers a scoop of sorts where by the concerned wrong doers look dazed and clueless . What went wrong ? My son hid his favourite  Gi Joe toys in my neighbour’s attic years ago , fearing I might please his friends to play with them while he did his home work. So our wrong doers hid their piggy banks in a remote, now famous Island called British Virgin Islands.
  • A crystalline carbon called   Koh-i-noor travelled far and wide, changed hands during war or no war but no love was exchanged , the diamond was gifted to show love. All is fair in love and war. Now this precious stone is being discussed more than the inset cuts with cutting remarks. Considering its historical background, how gullible Indians are (were) to be attracted to white-skinned people, be it war or love. All for a diamond ?!
  • A temple tragedy down south, Paravoor, Kerala, due to a misled splinter of a fire cracker that went beserk. It found its way to a pile of fire crackers and explosives, boom it exploded which even a five-year old would lend wisdom to stay safe in the dead of night. The explosion cost more than a hundred lives, some were maimed and burnt . Oh what a grotesque sight in the temple precincts.
  • Droughts prevailing in a few states, not a new  phenomenon , of failed monsoons, mindless wastage  of a dear natural resource called Water is creating a lot of brouhaha. How do we fetch water at the expense of cricket-a national  hobby (read obsession) ? Very tragic?! Can we shift locales of matches? If so what a pathetic decision   was magnified by the big-wigs of the game. You know thirsty throats and crows will fetch water from nowhere…..remember  the thirsty crow? But cricket matches- no way –no shifting of venue… Can we ignore money –spinners?
  • A mounted  police horse struck by mistake (blame the baton) , died for the wrong reasons, the decibels rose by animal and non-animal activists . The untimely death was a bitter pill to swallow by me too. I shed a few tears to pray for the horse’s soul.
Haven’t we seen enough in April? The cruellest  month but some solace,  a few of us remember a playwright even after 400 years, William Shakespeare, not for wrong reasons but   he remains an academic darling for literature lovers.

India gets ready for a panorama of events   that will be touching, burning, pricking and irritating as summer which has just started. Eat and drink cool stuff and be on the lookout for events that hurt/touch and often sprinkled with a feeling  Oh! I am alive , I mean all of you! Staying Alive!


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