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It is often difficult to think like a man, though many a time I have wished to have been born a man, may be in my next life.

Nick Dunne describes his (dead) wife in  Gone Girl  he loved , “the lovely angles of the back of her head………….where one could define a shapely head and imagine the skull easily “ (Nick’s words ). Now what ensconced the skull is the grey matter quite was mysteriously layered in a lump and  the jelly like thing could  be a storehouse of information, locked in a bony cage called skull. Read the book for more….

Article 66 A…Freedom of expression

Article 66 A of the Information Technology Act curbed free speech on Social Media this has been scrapped but this freedom will not be misused. The controversial section on IT Act can jail you for mouthing unpleasant words/vibes/emoticons on cyberspace. Now that is the loop if you misuse it you could be behind bars for three years. What it implies is that freedom is there  & will remain so, as long as you don’t unleash that freedom unreasonably, so the loop is a narrow passage to escape with innocuous content or it can turn into a knot referring to be put behind bars. So Caution for all on Social media.Do not consume toxic food & drinks that will compel you to utter expletives because we are living in a  ‘conducive’  atmosphere so be less involved.  Be more civil, eat only sweetmeat (not any other meat). Shun opinionated discussions on cyber space or punctuate with stars that should hint abuses.When should you avoid abusing?

*If somebody offers you tea with salt do not hurl caustic soda.*If somebody offers you a paper fan instead of a mosquito repellent do not see red.*If a woman gets hit hard in a crowded place---shout, abuse, lift footwear as weapon but only in public not public space (cyberspace).

You got it ? Thus far no further.

Coping  with  Copying

A  fortnight  ago some students of class X  preferred well wishers to hang around or hang from window sills  or  half open windows and precarious parapets to show loyalty.

Definition of loyalty : Loyalty  => Studies => appear for exams => expect supporters => supporters supply chits => students show loyalty to studies.Consequence: Get through exams even if it means emptying your wallet for well wishers., but some don’t need money, all done for charity, love or sympathy.This news was from Bihar that did attract a lot of attention thanks to the social media .Should we not blame the state’s sorry state of affairs in  the Education Department. But do not worry this happens everywhere where the department is slack in vigilance.

A student who cursed me?

Some years ago in Mumbai, while supervising for class XII Boards, I did ponder hard about one student in the exam hall of 40 students. The student had attached chits on the reverse side of her garment and was busy slyly copying using the chits. Should I nab the girl ? I did consult the senior invigilator who allowed me to ask the student to stop writing. By then  almost One hour and fifteen minutes of the exam duration had passed. The student was  asked to submit her answer booklet. The booklet was checked at random and she was asked to complete the paper in the Principal’s room (of course without chits).

Those days all Science exam papers were split into two distinct parts.  As students always complained of lengthy syllabus.Later that day I was told the student was barred from giving other exams as she was not allowed to appear for the next three years as punishment. Student’s future jeopardized? How cruel she could be (that’s me) ? She has spoilt the student’s future. This was one case among forty students that year. From then on I was the Ace Invigilator but an arch enemy for students who wished to copy during exams.

Wings of flight were German

If you wish to judge the Germans for their Aviation skills, you don’t have to look elsewhere. They are sticklers in all arenas that deal with science and technology. Then how did the Airbus crash into the Alps? Can one person decide the fate of many ?
The pilot who is trained to  be psychologically fit should be trained to be selfless and be serious  about transporting people as if they were  like carrying eggs while crossing a fence. An action that tantamounts to killing many and also oneself  is genocide. This psychological error is bizarre and unforgivable. Freud should stir in his grave. Better have aircrafts with mechanical pilots as technical errors are condoned.

Goats not silly

On a lighter note while travelling from Fatehpur Sikri to Agra on a State Road Transport bus, the driver chuckled and said he had to transport  six goats on board and deliver to the rightful owner .He emphatically declared the goats are also commuters and will travel free, and why because he was promised a free sumptuous meal on delivery. How can we charge the mute animals?

Last but not the least the AAP opera took a different turn to ease out some dissenters  in the name of being ‘conscientious objectors’, who cares for scruples these days?

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