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Politics Makes, Breaks or Patches up

If politics was a recognised institution,  it would have earned a Pulitzer, Nobel or Academy award for lifetime achievement. Unfortunately,  such an award hardly exists. But players are many, quaint, experienced, novices, dynasts and vagabonds. Anybody can participate.

Medicins            Sans      Frontiers
Tailors                Sans      Needle& thread
Carpenters        Sans      Hammers & nails
Teachers            Sans      Qualifications
                              (* Sans means without.)

It is mandatory to have a definite goal that affects the common good of a community.
Even the gravedigger has a purpose in life. So, any human who is true to his salt and soil must be useful to his brethren. He ceases to be one when he adorns the garb of a spoke – a killjoy – a vindictive man, etc.

So ! Politics with a pinch of salt is sufficient.

Polls and Pole vaulting an exercise for all gymnasts !       
Election: An exercise to endorse the franchise trait in a citizen.

Citizens are conditioned to a set of rules that work without friction to keep governance busy. The voter always blessed with a right to vote.
The recently-concluded elections and victors declared, has left many to speculate about the choice of candidates.
There was a display of first-time elected representatives in Parliament. The House turned into a ramp for MPs to strut about in rustling garments than a restless brain. An uneasy see-saw of 

Brain and Brawn.

Blame the people who voted. Some come to Parliament to wax eloquent, to shout, to croak, to boo, to ogle at shutterbugs, to doze off briefly. The only busy person is the Speaker and his guards/aides.

Now, don’t ask me who keeps the Speaker busy? This is Politics in motion. Many a motion gets scattered/disbursed from the Speaker’s chair.

Before an MP’s speech or abuse or complaint or wail or praise, the MP doesn’t hesitate to take the oath by the Speaker – Mahodaya, Respected Speaker, Honourable Speaker, etc.

Motions disbursed, airtime blocked, toxic air fills the house. By evening, the fire simmers down. The Bill is ready with ‘Ayes’ Noes’ after  2/3/4/5 days/months of deliberations. Thank God! Parliament works in sessions and seasons. The climate owes part of its global warming from such fiery sessions.
Crucial bills make way for Law.

The Triple Talaq, 2 articles on Kashmir, National Medical Commission Act, Modifications in RTI, etc.

Quite Herculean?! No, not exactly, if you (the MP), get a hefty sum as salary, all sessions welcome with views or reviews.

However…..Nature's benevolence

Nature’s bounty did not go unnoticed as rains had an overtime schedule. An unrelenting exercise  for those affected almost perched on a dry pedestal (?) and the NDRF busy on their feet and minds.
Now you know when it rains it pours ! Not to worry about cats and dogs , all are part of  Nature so obeisance to Nature!


An unmissable event was the non-stoppable Chandrayaan space ship that will set space knowledge spinning for scientists , young and old!


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