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Cosmos, my mate is steady

Know then thyself , presume not God to scan;
The proper study of mankind is man.
Alexander Pope, Essay on man.

I dare not say that I am in the ‘best’ frame of mind but this summer has affected my thought process. Is it because intake of food is reduced and liquids have usurped the digestive tract.

My acquaintances or friends are sparingly in contact via all modes of communication blame it on the sweating away of vital (?) emotions. My apparently feeble health has been treading a path towards that finite destination which may sound predictable and spiritual.  Destinations are drawing to a close or a dead-end too. But my travel list is still endless and I am ever willing to pack my bags and go on any journey to the desired destination. You can knock off the word ‘desired’ but travel does enrich.

She hardly travelled

Speaking of travel, the one person who considered ‘travelling’ an anathema, was my paternal grandmother who lived for almost 83 years.  She was a living encyclopaedia who read a lot, spoke a lot to her garrulous sons and grandchildren and had an inbuilt reservoir of knowledge. Moreover she was wedded to an illustrious lawyer who did not stop speaking of people and crimes and law. For decades, she did not move out of her hometown (Kochi) mansion she owned until it had to be demolished. An address all knew any celebrity would love to own perhaps for its location. She always exuded a picture of warmth and composure interspersed with light utterances. And there she sat regally on her chair overseeing a big family.
The families in that house was always buzzing with people and events year after year under her supervision.

Thursday’s children

The travel bug has bitten many in the family but for Prabhakar (name changed) it was always job-related. Nothing to do with sales or marketing but the general ‘on-site’ jobs that spans from two months to two years. The trot at times takes him abroad too. One such posting helped him find his soul mate who is quite pleased with her husband’s travels. She learned about people and different cultures that our country is replete with. Travel enriched their minds but not their bank balance. There is a certain restlessness that marks these Thursday born individuals who distrust people a lot, who are generous and love to entertain. They talk , argue, fight and dramatize their views/experiences. They look wise and are often heard quoting  their travels as enriching experiences, they are foodies and very presentable in any situation never forget to smile at the drop of a hat. Deep-sleepers !

Mobility, a carnival

Many such instances but do territorial limits attract people? Yes, for those who travel for change, to splurge, for events like birth, death or marriage or adventure. For me, travel solo is preferred  although it sounds selfish! But it helps to soul-search and remain undeterred by the nearest environment. Try it! my travel mate is Cosmos. He is quiet, pervasive, accommodating and spells your worth.

Note: My next piece will be on a woman who travelled and still travels for recognition, for family, for charity but armed with an ‘A’ class portfolio. Plus an Auto Immune disorder in her kitty. But all this has not made her frail. 
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