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Job done any which way-Result perfect

Heera (real name differs for privacy) is always a Go-to person who never failed to give a perfect solution. She did it any which way she could but this was her way of solving any problem and never failed a solution seeker. From pounding a picker of pockets (small thief) to hunting a kidnapper and beating him to pulp till the wrong doer is tossed into prison admired by a chain of onlookers .

How much I admire this woman in the neighborhood of a friend. As a child Heera earned her livelihood through accomplishing skullduggery jobs. Her wide ranging jobs began with running errands or fetching dry clothes from the terrace. By the age of twelve she dropped out of school but was fluent in English and Hindi.

Heera, a diamond to her beneficiaries, bloomed from a tomboy to a full time bully then a woman gangster. After marriage she withdrew into a household with a docile husband. Years fled past but after the blooming of three offsprings came the halt to her feminity. By then she learned to play cards, graduated to gamble and booze. Lost touch with the civilized(?) world and all her husband could do was puff like a chimney and drink like a fish from sundown to sunrise. Call of Providence for reversal of roles. The husband fetched food from a nearby restaurant and he would also baby-sit the kids.

The kids learned to stand on their feet without asking for mom’s help, though she was a non-stop ATM for them. At times she barked or roared and sad to add to it the drinks also drenched and drowned her feminine streak. Her husband only whimpered by her side, looking lost always, fumbling with car keys as any moment he would get orders to start the car. He was often seen petting  neighbours’ dogs sometimes stray dogs too!

Religious streak an earnest hobby

Heera a godmother of sorts for all and sundry, none missed to acknowledge her religious tendency to visit temples or religious places.  Sindoor smeared o her forehead haphazardly to endorse that pious mood.  She had this unique knack of tapping the fountain of money. She kowtowed high and low to see that her handsome son got a job with airlines  company. The boy was clever and learned the tricks of the trade and went job hopping from one airlines to another. Heera shifted to the city where he was posted. The earth is round so Heera was back in Delhi in a distant suburb strutting about with her husband in tow as a part time driver, cook, father, except being a husband. The son abandoned her for obvious reasons.The two other siblings followed like him.

Neighbour’s envy

Heera’s nefarious ways also won admiration because she was an inseparable link between the local police and a reputed lawyer. You cannot catch her at the crime spot.
One day a neighbor had complained to her of his teenage daughter eloping with a vagabond. Heera knew where to find him, the vagabond, got him arrested and today, believe it or not he is her stooge gliding from one job to another.

Lifestyle change

Today Heera moves in sleek cars with a paid chauffeur (not husband), two bouncers and a hand bag full of cell phones. Her rise from a small time maid to a Godmother is ecstatic to observe. Never will she fail to pass a crooked smile through crooked lips and a mouthful of ‘pan’ masala.  The men in the neighbourhood  withdraw  the moment they see her car enter/leave. I feel perplexed to gauge my admiration for Heera. Do you know she donates a lot of money to girls’ orphanages even today. She is friendless, hardly a mother, many punters on her phonelist.

She has suffered a couple of heart attacks and has survived. She keeps popping pills when she isn’t drinking but all dread her. Apparently she is nothing less than a modern day despot in behaviour. Would you dare to invite her for dinner? No, I wouldn’t mind. She has the power of ten CEOs put together or even more.

Heera kaam hua? ‘Perfect’ is her answer.

She is a perfect go-to person 24x7. A good fixer of problematic situations and forever busy, she is available to family, friends and foes. Always positive and forward looking but never sulks at problems.

She moves in all white ensemble; she is tall (5’10”) hefty and loud. Always dressed in white salwar –kurta. An Amazon that invites trouble and solves them in a jiffy. A godmother who is no Robin Hood but  loves to flaunt her power with elan.

A biopic on this character is awaited .
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