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Does Masochism equate with Abuse recital

Does Masochism equate with Abuse recital
(Not to abuse does not mean you are disciplined and all good)

Is it plain masochism or that air of superiority which provokes you to choose an acerbic vocabulary in talk, texting or gesticulating. The vulgar habit of using abusive words, allusions or terms that can help you stand out in a crowd is deplorable. So far I feel that a limited vocabulary or the urge to vent out one’s anger or urgency of expression can make youngsters use abusive words like f**k, b******s, bl***y, w***e etc . Of late I came across (heard) an obsolete term-BANDICOOT- being used in sms jargon. Does sound creepy but which attribute is more apt for the blessed bandicoot other than age or aging? Pity the mammal(suggestions awaited).


I was shocked when my students used such colorful expressions to address the persons they disliked or feel light-hearted while doing so. Futichar—where the ‘u’ and ‘t’ are stressed to describe an old-fashioned teacher or even a sloppily dressed classmate. This word later graduated to Kabaadi means someone who is centuries behind his peers and also stingy. Once I had to intervene between two boys who kept calling each other Kabaadi. I noticed that one carried an old bag to school so the tag of being called Kabaadi and the other who wore the same T-shirt for weeks together also earned the title. So ‘Futichar’ and ‘Kabaadi’ kept resonating between blows and punches.


Then some boys like to use casteist expressions like C****r,G****r, M****I and so on.Well the boys must be using these terms due to extensive training from elders, senior school mates or locality friends. If these expressions are used on wrong occasions then the hands reach the throat and jaws get crushed or collars get ripped off. Oh Ho Oh! The violence that follows beats all action movies put together. As a teacher and peace maker among these boys, my job was a task, besides tolerating the sound of these abuses as if they scorched your ears.


Glorifying can be attributed to the good old mafia dons in films who compensated their sophisticated looks with a venomous tongue as a shield. This shield is to protect them physically and mind you that ’stinging’ word will ward off any evil intention. Some of the so- called  abuses regale the viewers of Hollywood flicks. Come on, give the devil his due— the villain who showers abuses during the climactic scenes. Some are mumbled under the breath but you and I can decipher what he mumbled. The clenching of teeth and the twirling of moustache that align with the curvy lips s.o.b.

If the first woman on earth had known that female canine curse would befall villains may be the very first breed of dogs would lie unwillingly in their graves. The epitaph of the last dog would read:  “End of dog era!".  End came by due to the wrath incurred from the first breed of women. God must have smiled through this unending species called women.


An altercation with pals, colleagues, co-commuters or strangers generally extracts abuses and one cannot exclude politicians who are adept at it either in public or private. They assume the status of monarchs and are ever ready to hurl abuses if their moves are thwarted.At times the abuses get inflammatory (on and off stage) leading to personal attacks, street fights and even murders. How else can one earn the title ‘rowdy’! Recently read somewhere  about a religious sect that was termed ‘rowdy’ as they were loud and boisterous in reciting their prayers. Not that they are closer to God but wonder how God tolerates their offerings. Ever heard Mutant Ninja reciting prayers? (So many heart-broken devotees who wish to yell out their grief.) 

So the opposite of the smooth/diplomatic tongue is the acerbic one that spews venom. All  have to survive on this earth and promote balance. Tongue lashes are here to stay.
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