Quest for life ..... originates from a passion to live

This does sound odd when youngsters sound philosophical about life. A more recent utterance by a student (Marina Keegan),  Yale student,who did not turn 23 but died in an accident in the US, she spoke about living a more meaningful life than aspire for a hefty paycheck. A similar case can be cited about an IIT student of Delhi who died prematurely while on vacation.No,hese girls did not have a queer family background but they did not live long to share their healthy views on life. 

Are we raising children the right way?

Parents who have been leading insecure lives do tend to pass on their emotional baggage to their children. And more such instances come from estranged parents on single parents. The mental make-up of the children of such individuals are introvert and reticent. Do not blame it on the genes. Neither can we opine that extrovert children hail from a happy parental background. Oh why should I sound like a psychologist when I am not. 

An isolated example

A close relative who lost her mother at a very young age was not reared by by her father although he offered the monetary support. She was looked after by a host of maternal relatives who hardly made her feel the absence of her parents. She grew up to be a beautiful and talented woman strong and courageous too. She became an exemplary woman for many in the family. Now this example cannot be generalised as such children without a parent or both parents are left as "destitutes" in the moral sense and grow up to be 'imperfect' examples in school and society. Especially girls are subject to a lot of insinuations if both parents are not present during the 'rearing' period. 

How do boys cope in a parentless world?

Here comes the crux of mental development when male children are deprived of both parents fare worse than those deprived of one parent. So 'parental' care for the growth of a human being is a must. That makes us different from animals. Animals do give up their fledglings (to grow on their own). After a certain period  these fledglings do cope with their environ and live in flocks, learn and live a life that adhere them to their species. So why is man different and more so boys. Do all parentless boys live in orphanages or destitute homes? Not necessarily but having interacted with my boy students, I found them no different from girls. Instead, they turn out to be more gawky, shy and reticent. Now these traits usher them to get into anti-social groups, a bit revolutionary or are also prone to seek divine company from holy individuals. The last option need not offer an optimal solution to grow as a better human being. Priesthood or celibacy draws men and women away from normal life which can induce 'perverse' thinking and quite often get parochial as well. 

Getting attuned to recognise human behaviour

The tendency to wean away from human beings and live reclusively is not a healthy trait in children. Whatever be the shortcoming, a child should be drawn to human beings. Many parents offer pets to single children to dispel loneliness. This does not imbue brotherly / sisterly affection. However, the single child does develop a compassionate nature towards pets and that's it.  I would like to discuss about 'Satchu' (Satchidanand) in my next blog who left a deep scar in his parents' mind after he abandoned them. 

All said and done I have dealt with more students than relatives in my life span. My earnest prayer would be to parents and teachers to treat young boys and girls well in a healthy manner instead of turning shock receptors in future watching your progeny go astray. 
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