They are real.......there and reading I hope

(I would like to be discreet about names in the interests of their privacy. Hence names are not mentioned.)
It is not necessary to be over indulgent with readers by discussing personal life and even worse talking about celebrities with whom one has memories linked.  It was a gruelling experience with my husband and my son at Mumbai airport on our way to Bangalore. It was a cold night in December, the flight delayed by 90 minutes. A trolley stacked with with bags, alert about announcements, husband gauging the distance between the boarding desk and the wash room, my son rambling around as if he was at a wedding reception. There I notice a VIP with an entourage, be in Royal Blue tuxedo, free-to-share a toothy smile. Wow, it was Govinda - a top star then. Haste and collision are pals - result: my son collides with an old lady.......she stares and mutters (could have been a shriek if on the road).

Celebritydom an imposed status

There have been many such instances but it would be wise not to notice such scrapes (encounters). How many times will that celebrity think of you? Come to think of celebrities, nowadays even well-placed relatives and friends turn a nose on noticing you (very symbolic of snootiness). Hope that nose stiffens like the leaning tower of P(a)isa. That reminds me of a second (?) cousin, on being seconded (recommended) by my father that he should be welcomed to Mumbai. After all he has become a top bureaucrat (IFS) on a Bharat Darshan tour to Mumbai (one of the stops). The man refused a south Indian snack at a small Udupi restaurant behind the University. Why? He must hurry for a haircut at the Taj(salon). I thought people went to the Taj for a five-star meal. Nothing more was heard of him except he is now with an international body pruning and preening for another audience, but must admit he is an intellectual. Name? Forget it! Maybe in my next blog.

Just a quick line for an editor of a Delhi weekly, such a quiet puss (if he is the same person) when he worked at Resham Bhavan, Churchgate. Even now he is QUIET. That explains the vacuum between us. Chatterboxes are magnetic to me.

MP turned MLA turned State Minister

A son of the soil, lawyer in the making but the newly laid turf for politics after 1947 made him an opportunist of sorts. He grappled with politics as a student leader, belonged to an illustrious family, opposed by his father for chucking a legal career. All said and done, he was twice elected to Parliament. Once the skin grows politically, it is difficult to peel it off. He belonged to the Left party so did not amass much wealth. This was how politics entered the family 'round table' which was hardly boring. But none other than the above-mentioned uncle entered politics. Other professions were more demanding and challenging.

Habitat evolves living style

Yes, to quite an extent, but living in Lajpatnagar, Delhi for a few years did evolve a new lifestyle. I did learn about Punjabi culture from students who came home to study. Quite an assorted bunch, every lively but less studious. Affluence and lethargy went hand-in-hand. The more recent and striking experience was Mehak who bagged a role in Sixteen. She vaguely resembles Katrina. Her skill in learning French was funny, she jotted French pronunciation in Hindi. Her Hindi abounded in flaws, so in short, laughable.  The Almighty has created variety to enjoy and my students were both exemplary and disappointing so it was fun.

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