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A.E. beats A.I

There is an inexplicable AE growing within which has come as a consequence of pessimistic outlook or a goal-less life that can explode anytime. AE is Absurd Emptiness which surrounds you or anyone when there is nothing to look forward to and even if it did, of what avail is a natural question. This has been the outcome of some experiences one has witnessed of oneself or of others around us. It has been an awfully long time to think of one fulfilling moment (has not occurred in the recent past) that can shine as a star in the fabric of fate.

{I have briefly tried to offer a personal view on the haves and have nots in the gruelling struggle of life with a nascent prediction of future. However live today, tomorrow will take care of itself.}

On the other side are the unparalleled possibilities that surround the earth and its beings if a common network would cull the universe of intelligence in one computer. The intelligence of knowing facts/situations/assets/weaknesses of people all complete can be made available, compact knowledge, by the click of a button/key. Who would sustain the title of being an uncrowned master of the earth – will it be a person, a group or a country that would rule over the rest of Humanity? This compactness can be termed AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Look for a meaning to Life!

If that was possible, it was all due to collective thoughts that led to ambition, fulfilling dreams and pinning up fantasies in all walks of life. Generally one creates a similar kaleidoscope of fulfilment.
Done! What is sustenance in life ?
Well, so far it has been attracting humans from basic sustenance to common sustenance in life in choosing professions, persons/groups, institutions or a common agenda for people. This has led to support, nurture and realize ambitions. On the flip side we have seen lack of support or nurture thus a failure to realize dreams. Those who refuse to raise that bar of sustenance.

2 stark worlds

Have we witnessed these two stark worlds of haves and have-nots? Yes, the ratio of the latter group has enlarged and is in constant turmoil in space. In the form of poverty, relentless war with weapons, one bad faction trying to outsmart the other with power. This has been a constant conflict within mankind to jostle along every stage of life to gain superiority in a power ridden society.  Power or thirst for power will invariably lead to victory or disappointment or failure for every individual. Turmoil has no creativity. It just attracts sympathy/jealousy, all negative emotions.

The cushion of power

This seat of power defies abject failure by rising to fulfilling the dreams of some. These people are constantly up the ladder of fame or popularity whether it is power or wealth or one-upmanship in business intelligence. This unbound wealth of experience seeps into the social circuit. And it is here that Artificial Intelligence converges to gain superiority. Now do you reckon with such intelligence in your circle of friends / relatives? This leads to power and too much power corrupts.

Two-sided dice/coin

The world of intelligence is left with two options. Either Absurd Emptiness or Artificial Intelligence and man will belong eventually to one of the groups. Spirituality apart which is not consummate thus occupies a molten state of existence.

Note At the foot: 

Remembered an experience that took place many years ago when dealing with an unruly crowd was not tough. I had to huddle into an overcrowded government bus on an outstation trip with office colleagues (M&F) as it was the last bus for the day.

Two options were left

a) board the bus and proceed in the bus or
b) let the bus leave to abandon the trip.

The bus was packed like sardines and most passengers smelt like fish! Our destination was a coastal town in Maharashtra, Murud ?!?!
Must admit , no casualties, #metoo experience… nothing just some sweat and grime by next morning…but we reached safe. Man can be an unsocial animal but emergencies can make man more adaptable if mutual respect lasts.


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