Catapult to rise

Hastinapur, Indraprastha or Delhi, a battleground is always set for war like a chessboard. If Delhi is the capital of the country then it is slated to capitalize on the polity, the think tanks and the monetary resources of the nation. The country's diverse culture promotes it too!

Ethnic conflicts that thrive on religion, caste or creed have become a thing of the past.
Today’s civilized needs have created multifarious demands from small-time business to education, health, social welfare and security. These demands have evolved the thinking of the new age politician. Undeniably religion does have a small role to play but throwing the dice on the political dais has pruned and punished many a politician.

Swirl and hurl the dice, you always have a cause and an arena, each luring the other thereby surges a Chanakya whose keen foresight resounds a solution. Sooner or later the stage manifests itself into an electoral war. Democracy permits an election to be held every five years in each of the 29 states which ensures that the political cauldron is kept hot. More recently the expansive territory of Uttar Pradesh implanted wheels on the feet of every politician to keep the voter engrossed and thinking.

Religion vs Security

Should religion precede development or otherwise? Well, both are important. The leaders of the recently ousted party in UP cried hoarse about development. They scored fewer decibels despite muscle power. This sent the saffron flags fluttering with cheers backed by the ruling party at the centre. This was certainly unlikely as per the utterance of a Communist leader that the Hindu Nationalism is muscular. (During my brief stay in Palakkad in January this year, I heard of a Hindu student leader of Nemmara, who was mysteriously killed in a place other than his hometown).  Who do we blame?

Dubious Complaints over faulty EVMs, last minute shifting of loyalties, mudslinging till the last minute got murkier and more venomous. All five states – Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Goa, Manipur and Punjab – braced to give a tough fight but the prestigious vote sharing came from UP. The saffron tide has won over the voters’ psyche, all with a practical intention that ‘enough was enough’. The common man must progress irrespective of caste and religion.

In tandem with the superpowers

The operations of our country are no different from other superpowers. power-broking deals from without as much as from within. It will be necessary in future to feel the pulse of the nation. It is essential of a well-established economy to reflect development in all fields rather than expose internal conflicts. Those creating conflicts have ‘vested’ interests with an ever-changing agenda. If the nation is not considered important, then the conflict is questionable. Dragging religion by calling them right-wingers or socialistic opportunists are left wingers is a cliché. These are the obvious perceptions but not valid broking tools.

Responsible media

The kind of flak that media entertains today is because it is not exactly acquiring dangerous or vital inside information. A dignified reticence has to be practiced by the media.  Concealed facts than can be detrimental to a nation. This moral obligation is mandatory for the media in general and important political entities, too.

Business should not be a crime

Business deals should avoid criminal activities especially bartering nation’s secrets which is highly probable in today’s sensitive cyber-network. A nation cannot appear naïve when security is at stake. Repeated terror attacks in the border areas, important cities are standing examples. The media must obtain critical information to save a nation from terror threats. However, the recent demonetization of the government has stemmed terror activities. The common man who is wise has thankfully understood this aspect.

An overall awareness among the masses should be harnessed for the common good by the ruling parties now and always. 
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