Be Positively Charged

Imagination sometimes works overtime. Then, one should stop writing, think of some relevant work and fill gaps of relevance, be it at home or outside. 

Of late I have been brushing up my mythological knowledge by reading "The Palace Of Illusions" by Chitra B D (long name), only because she was acknowledgedly blessed by Swami Chinmayananda and other stalwarts. My sincere regards for this Swamiji is different, as he hailed from my father's hometown and was a neighbour too. If brains can be racked, a cousin got wedded to somebody in that family (Swamiji's). Of course, the Swamiji had snapped links with his family on having mastered the Bhagavad Gita. Quite valid!

Well, the book based on The Mahabharata, was interesting but appeared illusory . A divine mythological plot where the relevance is to help man live wisely, act in a pragmatic manner and assume relatives to be characters on a stage. Krishna, who provides the divine intervention is relevant and the Pandavas were presumed to be dead in the lac home prepared by their foes. Fortunately they did not die and so the story proceeds to a long battle involving the Pandavas and the Kauravas The original was/is more profound - Bhagavad Gita. This was written for a younger brand of readers. 

Constant Zero

The past couple of months have been an all-round churning of mental attitudes, near and far.That leaves me with a constant zero, no more chiselling of likes and dislikes. People coloured and discoloured for no fault of theirs. Then why do we deal with them?
The overall evolution tags on to revolution of the earth. So but natural we meet those whom we may not meet in future does leave an impression.
Constant zero sets the ball rolling
The word 'Relevance' initiates a set of actions where I occupy the constant 'zero' space.Whether it was to witness a sale of ancestral property of a relative, a claimant to or I did offer moral support. Not a sale but a distress sale, that leaves the claimant purchase many containers of pain relieving balm. Albeit the sale lay dormant for two decades, The deal fructified having brought spirits down, soothed the nerve.

She deserves adulation

Relevance brought me close to those persons involved, who I may not meet in future but I did relish those contacts for a short while.Firstly our (my sister& I ) hostess was a sweet and good-looking widow not bogged down by obligations / realities of life.
She still smiles, guffaws, eats well and parts with a joke or two in between chores.Never have I seen an Indian widow so alive and perpetually glued to her phone (her companion ). She will make her maiden visit to the US in April this year. Hope she will amuse Mr.Trump or is it the other way round.God bless her with more joyful experiences. Do I need to say more about Padmaja.

A Diligent student

Priyanka ,15 years, a daughter of a green grocer, brilliant ,committed and persevering in her studies.I can always picture her under a lampost or resting near her cart of vegetables and sell them by the end of the day. I was fortunate to assist her in her studies.Not a single day she missed to study with my assistance. It was a revelation to me about noticing this young girl who will not give up on her dreams.
She is blessed with a positive approach and wades through life not like a normal well to do girl of fifteen. I too am looking forward to Priyanka scoring well and await another class, the 11th standard with new hopes and tougher challenges.

A deserving break from Twitter to the world of real tweets

Recently, I accompanied my son and daughter-in-law to pack a weekend outing to a resort within the Jim Corbett park. The resort was a soothing experience for those who are dejected and disgusted with noise that comes as an icing on urban life. No TV, music system, computer or newspapers to distract.

Just listen to a variety of birds in placid surroundings. Went on a safari to say 'hello' to some of our wild friends. These 'wild' friends do not colour or discolour their visitors but just beg for silence so that their routine is preserved well. They will not harm our dwelling so we must stay away from disturbing theirs. To be more relevant - be compatible with the wild surroundings, they are our treasures. 

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