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From smog to scramble for Notes

This Diwali was a bit low profile for me but the post-Diwali fare has left me breathless. No new clothes          -           Ok No sweets                  -           Ok No guests                   -           Ok Sparse greetings         -           Ok
The day after Diwali was a ‘holocaust’ to face with my already crooked nose refusing to inhale. The smog that engulfed Delhi and NCR was like bonfires lit everywhere. Administration was left clueless and people with weak lungs looked listless.
Dad was right
Not very long ago when he was living with us he would get petrified much before Diwali over the over indulgence of  over burning crackers for the sound and light effects. He was asthmatic  so he covered a thin  muslin cloth over his mouth and nose and drew the piece around the back of his head to cover his ears adequately .My son called him a dacoit who was afraid of crackers. ‘Why don’t these fellows burn crackers in their toilets?’ dad blares out. I would pacify him by saying ‘Dad the toil…